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About Me

The Beginning

Maura began her journey in the art and design industry almost two decades ago. Maura’s initial introduction to art was through interior design, which she has had a huge passion for from a very young age. While studying interior design she then discovered art (painting in particular). This led her to complete a BA Hons degree in fine art. For Maura design and art went hand in hand. This is clear from her wealth of knowledge in colour. Soon after the completion of her degree Maura had a number of successful exhibitions located in Galleries and restaurants around Ireland. While pursuing her love of creating art Maura then started her business as an interior designer based in her hometown of Waterford Ireland.

The Middle

After several busy years of a successful career, demand then took Maura to Dublin where she continued to work as a designer. Recently, after taking some time to focus on her career, Maura has started to work on her latest painting endeavor and could not be happier to start the process of her latest collection of Paintings.

(Not Quite) The End

Maura’s philosophy in art is that its all about how the piece makes you feel when you look at it. It’s not so much about the image itself, but the emotion it instills in you and the mark it leaves in your mind. Since the beginning of her journey Maura has been awarded many accolades but the most satisfying part of the process for her is the privilege of getting to express herself and share her work once again.